Jon Young: Cultural Mentoring Stories of the heroes of the new nature movement.
— Richard Louv, The Nature Principle

In partnership with Village Video, Jon has launched  "The 512 Cultural Elements Project."  The group is creating 20-minute audio podcasts and videos telling the story of each of these Cultural Elements. During our SLO event, Jon will illuminate a selection of the cultural elements and their relationship to health-filled community, nature, and people.  Come be a part of this historic project-in-the-making!

NOTE: Due to the requirements of the filming aspect of this event, it may not be appropriate for young children to attend.

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Event Info:

What:           Cultural Mentoring Stories

Date:            February 25 & 26

Time:           10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Cost:             $90 weekend/$50 single day

Location:   SLO Botanical Gardens

Special Thanks to the SLO Botanical Gardens  
The event takes place indoors at the lovely Oak Glen Pavilion, 3450 Dairy Creek Rd, SLO.  Rain or shine, there will be time for us to enjoy the outdoor beauty offered at the SLOBG.  Please dress for Central Coast winter weather!

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More About Jon Young...

Jon Young has been a friend and invaluable resource for nature connection education programs around the world, since co-founding Wilderness Awareness School in Washington in the 1980's.  His book, Coyote's Guide, informs our work with young ones through the seasons. With an anthropologist's curiosity, Jon has spent 30 years collaborating with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers from around the world to identify the universal tools used within and among connective and vibrant communities and people. Throughout this journey, Jon held one question in mind:
Why do some societies connect to nature so well, and others do not?

The 8 Shields Map of Cultural Elements, which Jon was instrumental in creating, provides a potent and effective response to this question for those seeking to live within a regenerative culture. 

For Your Comfort

Coffee and tea will be provided.  Please bring your own personal mug or tea cup. (Big thanks for that! We love having Zero Waste  events!) Also, bring your own ready-to-eat lunch and snacks to enjoy at break times.

Appreciation to SLO Botanical Gardens for supporting this event!