Tadpoles Summer Camps

2018 Summer Nature Camps for Ages 3 - 7

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
— Henry James

Join in this unique opportunity to grow with your child and discover why it is crucial for everyone, especially the young child, to be engaged with nature. We’ll enjoy adventures on the land, nature crafts, songs, games, stories, and more! Space is limited.  Parent participation is welcomed but not required.

Camp Info:

Days:            Monday - Friday

Time:           9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Tuition:      $200 Early Bird Price/Week  - $225 After May 1, 2018

Location:  El Chorro Regional Park

Camps fill up fast. Don't miss out!

Week I - Animal Games!

AUGUST 06 - AUGUST 10, 2018

Ages: 3 - 7

Mentors:  Brenda Gates, Julie Hacket, Robyn Saxer, Sage Taub (Teen Mentor)

Let's go where the animals go...down the creek, up the tree, out in the hills, into the fields to look for tadpoles and frogs, grasshoppers and ladybugs, lizards and snakes. We will creep and sneak and catch them if we can! Games, stories, and crafts will be inspired by local animals and how they live.


Week II - Forts and Fairy Houses!

AUGUST 13 - AUGUST 17, 2018

Ages: 3 - 7

Mentors:  Brenda Gates, Julie Hacket, Noa Kamplain, Sage Taub (Teen Mentor)

Let's get building...find a secret hiding spot under the trees and bushes; gather sticks, leaves, long grass and treasures; then invite your friends, the gnomes, and the fairies to your new nature home. A developing sense of place and belonging in nature will inspire our games, stories, nature crafts, and wilderness skills.

Week III - Wildcraft!

AUGUST 20 - AUGUST 24, 2018

Ages: 3 - 7

Mentors:  Brenda Gates, Julie Hacket, Noa Kamplain, Kira Guillermo  (Teen Mentor)

Wildcraft! Let's make something...bows and arrows, fairy crowns, magic wands, stone axes, and dream catchers all start with a good stick! Nature provides the materials for endless creativity. Found objects will inspire our nature crafts, games, stories and  creative play.


Once your camper is enrolled, download and complete the registration form.  Please bring the completed forms with you on the first day of camp.