Wilderness Explorers

2018 Summer Nature Camps for Ages 7-14

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.
— John Muir

Once again we are offering four sets of Wilderness Explorer camps, each with its own theme, mentor team, and unique outdoor locations. Sign up for a two-week set of camps or a single week-long session. If you want a summer-long experience, sign up for all 8 Wilderness Explorer camps! Or, mix and match sessions throughout the summer, according to your interests. 

Wilderness Explorers Info:

Days:            Monday - Friday

Time:           9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Tuition:      $295 Early Bird Price per week.  $325 After May 1, 2018

Location:   We begin and end our day at Laguna Lake Park and travel to a variety of wilderness sites from there.  


JUNE 18 - JUNE 22, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Sam McRee,  Grant Chase, Sage Taub (Teen Mentor)

We’re starting the summer exploring water at the seaside, in reservoirs, creeks, rivers, ponds, and puddles. We’ll experience the wind on the bluffs and dunes and in the trees, as we let the elements of water and air guide our exploration. Campers gain a deeper awareness of the natural world through games, treks, storytelling, dune jumping, and more…



JUNE 25 - JUNE 29, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Lindsey Mitchell, Elliott Johnson

Campers will grow our knowledge of watersheds on the coast and the plants and wildlife in and near water. We’ll explore bird language and capture stories and songs in the wind. And, of course. there will be more tide pools to explore, shells and sea glass to find, and…dune jumping!  All of our senses are activated in the summer winds off the waters of the central coast.


JULY 9 - JULY 13, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Laura Creps, Sam McRee, Grant Chase

We’ll be learning the ways of the scout: tracking, fire-making, shelter-building, identifying wild edibles,and more.  Think mud and camouflage, too!  The element of earth will be our guide. 



JULY 16 - JULY 20, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Sam McRee, Grant Chase

We’ll sharpen our scout skills, learning to fox walk and blend into our surroundings. We’ll hone our fire-making skills and practice some ancestral arts: making clay vessels from the earth around us. Mapping and orienting, playing awareness games, cooking over a fire.  The Earth has endless stories to tell for those who practice stillness and pay attention in the wild.


JULY 23 - JULY 27, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Laura Creps, Sam McRee,  Kira Guillermo (Teen Mentor)

During this camp, we’ll play with all of the natural elements.  We’ll learn more about the language of birds and create our own songs.  We’ll wander and identify native plants and animals we find along the way.  We’ll practice making fire with hand and bow drills.  We’ll create art pieces with sand and natural finds and release them back into water and the landscape. We’ll deepen our connection to the natural world.



JULY 30 - AUGUST 03, 2018

Ages: 7 - 14

Mentors: Lindsey Mitchell, Robyn Saxer, Kira Guillermo (Teen Mentor)

At this camp,  we’ll practice ancestral arts and craft a symbol for the summer of 2017.  We’ll hike, explore the seaside, and cook over a fire we build and tend together. We’ll practice other core routines of nature connection: sit spot, animal forms, awareness games, story of the day, songs, and probably one more afternoon of dune jumping!  We’ll honor the  journey we’ve shared with the four elements throughout our summer experiences with O.N. and laugh a lot, too!


AUGUST 06 - AUGUST 10, 2018

Ages: 9 - 14*

Mentors:  Laura Creps, Grant Chase

At Scout Camp we will experience the ancient ways of the scout and build a greater awareness of our surroundings, ourselves, and place. The week will be full of stealth games to stretch our ability to blend into an environment. Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that can get wet and dirty! At Outside Now, we don’t consider a day well done unless we manage to get dirty (and that goes triple for Scout Camp!)
*Younger students with prior camp experience considered with mentor approval.



AUGUST 13 - AUGUST 17, 2018

Ages: 9 - 14*

Mentors:  Laura Creps, Grant Chase

Native scouts excel in awareness of place, mental wakefulness, and physical agility. They are strong in body and spirit.

During this final camp of the summer season, we will advance our skill with the ancient, stealth ways of the scout. 
This camp is designed for more experienced nature adventurers. 
Once again, be sure to wear clothes and shoes that can get wet and dirty! 
*Younger students with prior camp experience considered with mentor approval.

Once your camper is enrolled, download and complete the registration form.  Please bring the completed forms with you on the first day of camp.