Coyote Pups

Seasonal Nature Camps for Ages 3-7

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
— e.e. Cummings

Young children thrive with significant outdoor time.

  • Sensory Motor Integration supports all higher order cognitive functioning. 
  • A kinder start to life begins with good development! 
  • Enroll now and be assured your child is part of the growing movement dedicated to best childhood practices!

Spring Nature Camp Info:


Days:            Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Date:            Feb 28, 2017 - May 11, 2017

Time:           9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Price:          $1,350 (10 Week Session)*

Mentors:   Julie Hackett, Ryan Wensloff

Location:  Outside Now is celebrating a new partnership with SLO Botanical Garden this year!  The magical children’s garden, surrounding hillsides, and park across the bridge make up our home.

Parent participation is welcome, but not necessary.  We honor whatever works best for your family.

*Limited 10 week session spaces available for 1 or 2 day enrollment @ $500/day.


Sneaky Scrub Jays


Come wander the land during the Spring Season of new beginnings. If you look at a compass, we put Spring in the Northeast/East: the direction of a sunrise, of anticipating and observing birth, of new beginnings in nature.

Themes: Listening and Observing Birth in Nature . Wildflowers and  Birds in Abundance . Awakening Senses!

Special Activities: Sit Spot. Bird Language. Nature Camouflage. Finding and Making Homes for Animals and Insects. Planting  Seeds and Sprouts. Trekking among the Wildflowers and Tall Grasses!

Stories and Song:  “Catching” stories and songs on the spring winds: stories of how the plants and animals came to be.

Nature Connection:  in the springtime, little ones twirl and skip, energized by an innate curiosity to discover the changes in the landscape after the heavy winter rains.  The sensory stimulation provided by the brilliant colors, soft winds, growing grasses, and baby creatures of Spring in nature support healthy development and assure the little ones have a solid foundation from which to become the best they can be. Story, song, wanders, games, crafts, planting, mapping, movement, and more make up a day on the land for our Coyote Pups as they become the Sneaky Scrub Jays for 10-week Spring Nature Camp.